Seattle’s Best Coffee Review and a $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

This is a sponsored review from BlogHer and Seattle’s Best.

I was recently able to try all the different levels of coffee from Seattle’s Best. They have 5 different levels, with one being the lightest, and 5 being the boldest and darkest. Here is a quick run down of all the different coffee personalities:

Level 1 coffee personality is happily pragmatic. They like the simpler things in life and have an easy going spirit. Level 2 coffee personality is spontaneous and fun. They like creating their own adventures and seeing where their heart leads them. Level 3 coffee personality is ready for anything. They are great at problem solving. Level 4 coffee personality is mysterious. They are wise and clever, and well-respected by others. Level 5 personality is self-assured and focused, and has what it takes to be a leader in both work and play.

After a quick fun coffee personality quiz from Seattle’s best (you can do your own here at their Facebook page), I was scored a level 5. But after reading through the different personalities, I knew I would probably like the level 2 more.

I went through every coffee flavor.  I first tried the level 5. It was really strong for me. It reminded of old men, truck stops, and Marlboro cigarettes. It was, to me, what a really great cup of coffee would taste like at the big truck stop at 3 or 4 in the morning. For me, it’s only good for the sheer amount of caffeine it contains, and could seriously benefit from some flavored creamers.I would think the only people that really like this are serious coffee connoisseurs.

Next it recommended I try Level 3. This flavor was also very strong for me, but not as strong as level 5. It had the same roasty flavor too. It reminded me of some of the other popular coffee shops strong flavors. It is definitely good and strong, but I thought one of the other flavors would suit me better.It would be a great flavor to try if you like other very strong coffees.

The next flavor it recommended I try was level 1. This coffee tasted to me like the coffee they water down in bad restaurants. Although this is good, it’s just too weak. This I think would be perfect for people who don’t really like coffee and add lots of sugar, creamer and other flavors.

The next flavor it recommended for me was level 4. This was the best flavor so far for me. It was very strong, yet still smooth. It is one of the fullest bodies coffees I have had. But while it was good, it was almost too much. It ended with a touch of bitterness I wasn’t too found of.

The last flavor it recommended I try is Level 2. This was the coffee personality I thought I was. When I tasted it, I realized it was the perfect coffee for me, I have never tasted anything like it. It’s coffee nirvana. It didn’t need any creamer, milk or sugar. It was perfect black. The aroma was so appealing.


After trying all the different flavors, I was so impressed that they were all so different. They just didn’t differ in the boldness, but also differed in aroma, subtle tastes, and aftertastes. I was also very impressed that Seattle’s Best was able to match my real personality to my coffee personality. It was so much fun.

Visit the Facebook page and check out the site, coffee and the levels. For a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card, tell me in the comments section below how you like your coffee, black, cream sugar?

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